Friday, November 03, 2006

A Pleasant Surprise

Saturday is the longest day of the week for me. So it was nice to come home to see something different on my table last week.

Jeff at So I Go mentioned about sending a book to me more than a month ago. And it finally arrived. Just days before the package arrived, I emailed Jeff to make sure he actually sent out the mail already. He replied, mentioning that he even had to declare that the package contained a book (not any biological weapon of mass destruction). The green paper on the package validates his statement.
But I still couldn't figure out the reason for the delay. Studying the package further provided me with more answers.

(A chop indicating that it was only released by the Malaysian customs on October 25th.)

Every morning I get excited about opening my email account, hoping to see an email from the friends I seldom meet. And to receive an old-fashion, snail-mail package... The feeling is just awesome. Though I have never met Jeff Jacobson, he is a man I truly admire. He started off like me (I think). Just a guy who wrote a script & wanted it out there. But Jesus took him on a ride & now he is literally living my dream.

And just when I've been considering about writing a book (yes I am), he sends me this...

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His first blog gained so much viewership that it became a book!! Wow!! Often times reading So I Go gave me the feeling of sitting with Jeff at a coffee table & just listening to him talk about his journey. I hope that I can lend this book to someone who would enjoy it over a cup of joe... Haha...

I flipped through the pages & then settled upon the acknowledgement page.

"For my fellow bloggers, who believed in me and provided a steady stream of affirmation throughout these chapters, I cannot thank you enough"

Wow... What a joy it is to have someone, from half-way across the world, to share his dream & allow me to participate & be a part of it.

If you want to buy this book of his, you can go here and get it online. For more of Jeff Jacobson, check out the following sites.

p.s I forgot to take pictures of what Jeff wrote to me personally. Aiya...


So I Go said...

my friend.. the joy is all mine. thank you for this post and for spreading the word about the book. hope you enjoy it.

thanks for your friendship ~ have a super weekend!

desiree said...

wow. nice.

JuneFaith said...

hey, thanks for dropping by my blog.
are you a friend of eunice's?
anyway, cool blog.. just dropping by to say hi. :)

Lemuel said...

what blog service provider would you recommend? I'm looking for one la... i know i'll start one sooner or later, but in the mean time have to settle on a esrvice provider.