Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Accumulated work

Christmas season has come and gone, if you look from the world calendar's point of view. In Malaysia now Chinese New Year songs are beginning to play in certain shops already. Yes, the Christmas trees are still there, but that's because we're just lazy to take it down. Some are even considering leaving it there till next Christmas.
I was extremely eager to write something about Christmas. But work was constantly in the way. I miss the times where I could actually write 2 blogs a day, because there wasn't much work to be done back then. Don't get me wrong, there was always something that had to be done, just that the dateline seemed a distant future... back then. Since October our company woke up and realised the work that has to be done (not all at once, mind you)... There was a lot of "Oh you need to do that" , "Oh I forgot to tell you" and "Hmm, we might have a problem if we do that"... I got sucked into more and more things, and each day I meet the project managers or open my email in the morning there's the fear of more work needing to be done by Friday...
We, Christians (maybe not you), have been guilty of such behaviour for many years now. We like to cramp up everything till the Christmas season. There's the sudden realisation of how we need to share love with our neighbours, to remember long lost friends, opening our houses for the fellowship of the body, giving of gifts, etc... Going through Christmas 2005, I feel like we were completing accumulated work. We were rushing for the things we should have been doing all year round. And you know that I know that you know what comes out of accumulated work - Poor quality, stressed-out employees, wasted resources, lots of complaining... And the return on investment never seem sufficient.
I am thankful for the salvation of several during our Christmas Sunday. I also felt there was a certain breakthrough when I saw non-Christian parents of our youth coming for the service. Yes, Christmas tends to be a time where miracles seem more likely to happen. But the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love everyday, my friends. The spirit of Christmas lives on when we share the love of Jesus everyday.
So open your house this week and cook a meal for someone. Call up a friend and ask how he's doing. Send an appreciation note to your pastor. I think it'll be much more fun and less stressful if we can see miracles happening every week when we choose not to accumulate work till Christmas. The time is now!!

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bjk said...

Our Church is beginning a ministry called Christianity Explored and we are going to be opening up and serving and having open conversations with anyone who has an inclination to discover this God whom you and I serve...Thanks for you site...the music btw ....very cool...all the best and a 2006 full of HIM!!