Friday, September 30, 2005

I've been tagged!!

I have officially tagged with the following::

"The explosion of the blog world in the last year has led to countless quality blogs being started, but sometimes it is hard to find them amongst all the other blog muck. Because there are so many quality blogs out there, I though I would try to start a meme to send some eyeballs toward those unknown bloggers. So, share a blog you think more people should read, and then tag 5 others (who hopefully read your blog!) to do the same."

Like the blogger who tagged me, I'm going to go against the rules, but with a greater twist. I'm recommending 6bloggers and 8 blogs... Try beating that...

Jeff, at So I Go and So I Go Volume II , writes above his personal journey of learning to do as Jesus would. I get excited whenever I read his blog, because he's living and fulfilling my dream and getting really close to it too. Most of the time, I get choked up and lose my words... I imagine both of us sitting together for tea and having a conversation... only that he's doing all the talking, and I'll be taking down notes... Hmm, a recorder would be easier... I suggest that you read from chapter one... He has a lot of faith and I really salute him for that.

Virginia demonstrates how creative our God is through her blogs, Meet Virginia and 4535. I admire her because she understands what it means to be church and really goes out there and do it. You know how we miss the simpliest and most beautiful things in life? I don't think she has that problem... I can see her as an inspiration to many others around her. Maybe she'll inspire you too, to break out of the norm and honour God the way He created you to...

Lex pours out her heart over at My Scribbles. I think she has the ability to connect and identify with many people... Maybe because she's so honest and sincere with her feelings, I don't think she's in it for readership (if there is such a word). She has wisdom beyond her age too. I'm blessed by God's revelations to her and through her.

Then there's
Curious Servant over at Job's Tale, exploring the life of Job... He has some really interesting going on there. I think of him as sometime who is strong yet humble. I also believe that he has personally experience the amazing power of prayer and we all can learn from that. If you're feeling disappointed with God and praying, you would probably want to talk to him.

Jenny, over at One Step at aTime, is more like my age. She is a young lady who seeks to please God with her life and in everything she does. She raises questions that I believe many teenage Christians seek answers to. She's brave and sincere. But what I really admire her for is her humility and willingness to learn from others. You rarely see that in a youth nowadays...

And finally, there's
my dad, who happens to be my pastor and my mentor. He gives a lot of wisdom to balance up my energy. At OurGIG, he shares his journey of forming a community that is safe for people to be honest with their struggles and grow together with love and support of others. I love his vision and I hope he succeeds.

That's all folks. Gina, Lex, Curious Servant (i wish I have your real name), Jenny, and dad - you have been officially tagged.


So I Go said...

thanks, my friend.. i'm honored and touched by your words.

Luke Chan said...

Wow, it's something to be tagged. I mean you - being tagged.
Anyway thanks for tagging me -now it may take a little time for me.

joshuaongys said...

wats on in ur church lately?? dun forget to invite me if got any special function :P lolz already take ur church as my second church liao... got special function den i'll appear in ur church de... den go camps aso join ur church youth groups.. nyways keep in touch... ciaoz

curious servant said...

Thank you for the kind comments.

Su Ann said...

hihi Joash, hehe just letting u know i found my way to your blog, will speak 2 u soon =] btw nice blog u have, a balance of wisdom n encouragement.
oh n thanks for helping me spell dilerious...hahaha =p