Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Appreciating my team

Allyssa, willpower and determination are your strongest assets. It’s easy to put you in charge of a task when your heart is there. I believe that by developing disciples, teaching and investing in others, you will have a breakthrough you never thought possible. The journey won’t be easy, but God wants to make you whole, Allyssa. For you, I pray for
freedom from fear.

Ken Chung, I’m always hard on you, I know. And I’m thankful that you can take all of it. You don’t know what you can do, my friend!! And God wants to show you, just be attentive and focused. Always hope for good, don’t let your soul be downcast. The joy of the Lord is your greatest source of strength. As much as you give, receive His joy. For you, I pray for favour and blessing

Jacklyn, you achieve greatness whenever you have belief in yourself and in what you do. The gifts you possess are keys to many doors, so equip yourself well. Ask God for a vision, ask Him what you lack and desire for those things. Desire also to grow, because you know you can. I’m glad you are in the team, because I deem you a trustworthy friend. I pray that you will
know and experience the security of His love.

Jason, you have a strong spirit. Your enthusiasm is infectious. People say you speak too much when you’re voicing your thoughts, but that’s just because one sentence from you is sufficient to convince a crowd. Your circle of influence is great, and so therefore is your responsibility. Humility and being teachable will take you a long way. And I’m glad you have that. Now work on it even more.

Li Fern, God has blessed you with a gentle spirit. You are approachable, a quality I’m learning to project. Your willingness to take instructions from a younger person amazes me. Your calmness and wisdom meet a great need of the team. Continue to equip yourself and grow, because you are destined for much more. Pray also for a breakthrough in your life. I’ll be praying along with you.

Joseph, Joseph, Joseph… I appreciate you, friend. You may not know it, but through you God has planted many good seeds in my heart. And I believe you have done the same for many others in the youth ministry. Like it or not, your every move affects the younger ones who look up to you. Step up to the mark, the call is on you now. It’s a privilege - so don’t lose it. There are many things I wish I could do as good as you. For you, I pray for
a vision for your own life.

Rachael, you do so many things quietly in the background. So many times you go out the extra mile for the ones God placed in your heart. I pray that you will have revelations of His love every day. He has a tedious task for you, and He has indeed designed your heart for His purposes. He’s wants you to rely on His strength, though. Sometimes it’s hard to figure Him out and that gets frustrating, I know. But His faithfulness shines through, you’ll see. For you, I pray for healing and rest.

Jonathan, you know the things you are capable of. I think I have failed you in terms of giving you space to express your God-given gifts. Forgive me, I’m still figuring things out. Maybe you can help me… All I know, God wants to set you free, because He wants to use you greatly. For you, I pray for child-like faith – You can move mountains.

May, you’re my best friend. I thank God for your contribution into my well-being and the ministry. I can’t possible imagine the hurts and blows you take for me. This journey has made me a broken but stronger person, and I pray that it has had the same effect on you. God has many things installed for you. For you, I pray for hope.

Caleb, you are a pillar of strength, seriously. Your responses are excellent indeed. Everyone loves you!! I see greatness in you, and you are on the right track, my friend. Keep Jesus as your first love, that’s all you need to make sure of. For you, I pray for
boldness and courage to speak out your heart.

Esther, you have a big heart. I see you now faithful with the small things, and that’s a good thing. I hear the dreams you have and don’t see what’s stopping you from being a planet shaker for Jesus. Just do it, girl!! Make some initiative, and I can envision you truly touching others under Christ’s hands. For you, I pray for faith.

Each one of you gives balance to the team, and you remind me that apart from being a youth leader, I’m suppose to be a youth. Your jokes (and elaborations of them) make it hard to be serious at the meeting table. But having loud meetings are so much better than quiet ones. There are times, though, when I wonder if I’m the only one awake there. Other times, I feel like the dumbest person in the room. Overall, it’s been fun working with each one of you…

Looking past everything else, there’s great potential in each one of you. And it’s my desire to see you fulfill your maximum. I pray that I’ll be an important contributor towards your journey. But even more so, I pray not to be the stumbling block. You make me want to be a better person, to reach for the sky, and to fulfill God’s purposes in my life.

Throughout this journey, I have experienced and learned a lot. My perspective on God’s love, life and people has changed. No doubt, there were some hurtful moments, but God was always in control. And He always will be. I am grateful for your partnership. You make every dream possible. I love all of you. And I love your love for our God, our Dream-giver.


Anonymous said...

Its a great appreciation Joe's new hse..keep it on to have those special occasion or special days for the youth meeting..if it is always discussion and teaching, it will be boring.

Keep it up, a good son of our Father...

May His love and peace be with you..


j4s0n said...


ohh man..we love you too!!

Luke Chan said...

I am almost tearing.

Appreciation: Prophetic man!

Anonymous said... I am.Ha...this is my 1st time to your blog..sorry wanted to long long ago but kinda are truly gifted man! So good in so many things ya...Wa blog oso u can do so nice wan!!!It has been great having you as our youth leader and my good friend..really appreciate what you have done for the team.Your insights to God's Word are amazing....I love to hear you preach u know...
Keep it up bro!

_slvrngl said...
my name's up there.
yeah thanks man!

JacKang said...

ok..i know it has been more than 1 week. but i think i still wanna comment. i thank god 4 u too fren. from this, i c bigger potential and brighter future for our ministry... ya, everyone plays an important role in the ministry, and therefore everyone is responsible to make this ministry a god's will-fulfilling one.