Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost your ID? Do you have any idea how much they charge you for a new one these days? RM40!! RM40!! Punishing people for being careless, ok lah... but what about those who got robbed? What if you're from out of town, and all you have has just been stolen? You won't have any money to go and get a new ID, for one. And you can't renew your ATM cards too because you have to have a temporary ID issued by the government for which you have to pay RM40, which you don't have because you just got robbed and you can't get a new ATM card... What are you going to do??

No man is an island. No man can be an island. Say you're that poor guy who just got robbed... Probably some kind people or the police would let you use their phones to call home. But what if no one from your hometown is willing to come down and lend you RM40? Some may pity you and suggest transferring money into your bank account, but you don't have access to it so what's the use...

Losing your identity card is just like losing your identity. Your faithful serving bank won't acknowledge you = your money won't acknowledge you, your government who works for your good won't acknowledge you... oh, what more when you lose all your money? So many more people won't even turn their eyes toward you... So who can you turn to for help?

Do you know someone who loves you so much so that person is willing to lay aside everything at hand just to assist you – meeting your needs, walking with you through it all and till you get back on your feet – even though it was your own carelessness that led you into the mess in the first place? Is there someone in your life who's willing to love your unconditionally? Do you know for sure?

I know for sure that the Dream-giver would never leave me nor forsake me. Sometimes I carelessly misplace my identity, loose my footing, and fall away from the track He chose for me. Sometimes I fail to hold on to this identity which He gave me whenever I get rejected, discouraged, dishonoured, disgraced... Sometimes I just throw this identity away because I think I deserve better and I think I know what's best for me and I prefer something more tangible – like money or my identity card. But the Dream-giver never ceases to hope and to love. He's there for me ALL THE TIME.

And so in this times when I'm without an identity card and access to my bank account, I've learned to cling on to things that are far more valuable. I'm reminded of how deeply I'm loved, how much I'm forgiven, and how important relationships are. I've lost some, but gained much, much more.

So who am I without my identity card?



Gina said...

geat post, Joash.

So I Go said...

well said.. well said.

thanks for the reminder Joash.

David Lim said...

well i've never lost my ic.. but yeah, i imagine that it would be terrible.