Monday, July 18, 2005

Guarding Your Post

I came back from playing soccer yesterday evening with a valuable lesson.

Do you know the power of one? One out-of-tune string causes a guitar to sound bad. One musician with stomach upset can cause a song to be played in a slower tempo. One bad statement can hurt someone for a lifetime. One bad thought leads to a thousand crimes. One letter of appreciate lifts up one's spirit...

In the body of Christ, we are one body. Unfortunately, a body consist of many parts. Some like to play rock and roll, some like it jazzy and smooth. Some prefer playing A minor rather than a C major. Some goalkeepers like to play outfield. Some likes to play the off-side trap, some prefer playing it safe. Some like to hold the ball longer, some like to play the direct ball. Some like to sing the same song a thousand times, some just can't stand it after the 3rd time. Some like to be in the lime-light, some insist they're too ugly to be on camera.

We are all made with different temperaments. God intended it to be that way. We can't all be the same person. Imagine everyone having your name and looking just like you... God created everyone to be unique and different for a purpose, and no one can do that thing that you're created to do better than you!! One could have many different gifts, but everyone should only focus only on the things that the God has called them to do. "But coach, I can play so much better as the right winger. Let him play defence." Sometimes we feel we can lead better than our leader, preach better than our pastor, sing better than that back-up singer, play the electric guitar better than punk dude... And it could be true sometimes. But there can only be so many wingers and strikers, you stay and guard your post. You're playing for the team, you're playing for the Coach. So just stay and guard your post. Let others learn to do their part.

Let there be only one voice shouting the instructions, one captain leading the flow, one coach making the shots. You stay and guard your post.

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Gina said...

And all of the pastors of the world stood up and shouuted, "AMEN!" Church is not about what we need or what we want to get out of it. It's about loving and giving to and serving others. Once we change our outlook and go to church to serve others, we'll get away from that self-centered church going. Good post Joash.