Monday, January 11, 2010

A book?!

We were watching a DVD in church today. The speaker was talking about how we can save a lifetime of mistakes by learning from others' mistakes. He mentioned that he found a book written by a missionary, that records all the life lessons he had learned throughout his ministry. And this speaker shared that that book saved him 20 years of mistakes.

At that point, I was imagining myself writing down all my regrets & mistakes into a book. And when the time is right, I will pass it onto my children & they will avoid their old man's troubles. I was going to be a life-saver & will be forever appreciated.

What a dumb idea!! I immediately thought the next instants. I don't want to be the idiot who made so many mistakes that could fill into a book!! I certainly don't want my children to remember me for my mistakes!! I want my life to be a good example for them to follow - hence, I must learn from others' mistakes. Gotta dive into reading again.


S said...
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S said...

Hello! My fav part of the dvd was when Ps Wayne took his bible *rushes hand through pages* & *throws at ppl*...and then he stops to place his hand on heart i his second illustration! the next time i find myself in a compromising situation, i'll say "my friend is calling me" and then run off (:
btw thanks for following my new blog heeh