Friday, July 03, 2009

The Youth Is The Church Of When?

No, no tomorrow. The youth is part of the church, along with the elderly, adults, & children. Together, we are all part of the church today. Get it straight. When you (especially the leaders of the church) think that the youth is the church of tomorrow, what do you have now & will always have? An adult church. Having such a mindset actually hinders the growth of the church. The adults will be thinking 'Ah, they're just youths, they can't do it yet'. & the youths will be thinking ' Ah, someday when I'm 40 I'll reach my God-given potential' - this causes the church to be ineffective as people with the right gifts are not placed at the right positions, as people of age & supposed maturity level assume roles out of necessity.

Why not now? Why can't a youth lead prayer meeting? Why can't they preach on Sunday or in cell service? Why aren't they nominated into the church board?? Why can't they have a say in the way church should be? Are we despising our youths? Are we letting young people despise their youth?

No matter your age, you have a purpose & a role to play in the local church. Get clear directions from God, humble & equip yourselves, rise towards your God-given potential & take your place in the Kingdom of God. Let us unite to build the church, TODAY.

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