Monday, July 20, 2009

Parents' Appreciation Day 09

TOUCH's Parents' Appreciation Day is here again & I'm getting really excited about it. Things are starting to fall into place & at the moment, we have 22 adults confirmed to attend this event. We do hope for more parents to make it, as we have really great performances lined up to bless our parents. Yesterday while we had our final briefing, I just sense the excitement from those performing special numbers. What pleases me also is that this year we won't be re-using the songs from Mothers' Day & Fathers' Day (last year we used our Sisters' Day & Fathers' Day songs), as those songs were really unique & special, and should remain as such. There's even a possibility of yet another original song!! That would be great addition to an already wonderful event.

Do pray for me as I will once again be giving a speech as youth leader. I rarely get an opportunity to speak to an adult audience over the pulpit (so far this is my 2nd time). But I really desire to be a blessing to them through my words & also let them experience a little of TOUCH. I hope I succeed.

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