Friday, May 29, 2009

A Return Behind The Mic Stand

On Mothers' Day last month, I had the privilege to songlead in Lemuel's church (I guess we'll have to refer to him as Pastor Lemuel now). My mom was invited to preach that Sunday, & initially I was charged to be her driver. But then something came up & somehow I was invited to songlead. The church was also short of musicians that day, so I immediately seized the opportunity to ask my favourite keyboardist, Ken Chung, to come along. It was great to receive an immediate positive response from him.

You see, almost 10 months ago, Ken Chung & I (and also May) made the decision to step down from the music ministry. It wasn't an easy choice - we love playing good music, we knew our calling as musicians, & our band has come a long way. But this was a decision we knew we had to make, & having a friend along made it much simplier. So with the opportunity to return behind the mic stand, I was very pleased to have Ken Chung as a band member again.

We had to practise on Sunday morning itself. Had Jason & Joshua to provide the bass & the drums, while Lemuel played the electric guitar. Yet, in spite of the rush & playing with strangers, both Ken Chung & I felt at ease - it was almost like we never left. I believe that's the anointing of God upon us, confirming & assuring us of our calling once again, and telling us the season to return to the music ministry is near. For that, I am grateful.


Jackang said...

nothing feels more satisfying than fulfilling God's calling, moreover something that both of you are good at! Oh, it's actually 3 of you!

Lemuel Yee Ngan Foong said...

Will invite you guys again when there is a chance. Perhaps next time Pastor Joash can come preach and bring his worship leader along?

Jez said...

joash. come back. i wanna hear u play with us again. (being very frank here... whoever frank is)

Benjamin Soo said...

Joash, come back again! You and May and Ken! We are all still very much one worship team, one spirit, one body! We don't have any doubts at all about you 3's music ministry calling.So when you all feel His prompting, just be open to return.We will very much applaud and welcome the return of the 3 of you! =)