Monday, May 04, 2009

I'll have to disagree

NO - having a pastor who follows God wholeheartedly isn't nearly as good as having Jesus Himself leading the church.

My brain just froze after typing the statement above. Why? Because it's hard to imagine a situation where one has to make such a statement. It's a no-brainer. How can someone compare a pastor to Pastor Jesus, and then say both are just as good? No no no... No no no. NO!!

There are pastors whom I personally know and have tremendous respect for - including my parents and my brother. They are wonderful people who pursue God's heart with great passion. But they are not and will never be just as good as Pastor Jesus. No one will be as good - that knowledge is the starting point for salvation!! Perhaps there are certain aspects of their ministry or their character which are like our Saviour - but never as good as. I would have Jesus Christ as my pastor any day of the week. I'm sure pastors I know will share my preference.

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David Tham said...

You are so right man..... A pastor myself, i can't agree with you more. We are just under-shepherds, trying hard to lead the flock of the Chief Shepherd with so much human failings ourselves.

Sigh....But tat's our calling & the cross we carry. V certainly need lotzzz of Grace to shoulder such heavy responsibilities. Not just God's Grace but people to show us grace too. The trouble is... people tend to look at us as Jesus. Then when our imperfections manifest, ha.... you can guess wat they will say of us.

Doesn't matter how the world look at us, more importantly the church ie. our own fellow believers & family of God need to be gracious to another.

david tham