Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PK Gathering 3

9 PKs came together. We sat around the dining table & tested each others' food. It was homely, it was warm. Oh ya, we had pictaboo (combination of pictionary & taboo) too. Everyone was connected. It was good. Let's do it again.


j4s0nk4ng said...

hey, that's Delicia!!...
dude, do you know she was from my school and from my CF? cool is that, her church is also

j4s0nk4ng said...

Ahh!!..and its someone else i know!!..
who's that sitting next to Kenrick (not the Kenrick from Subang) in the group photo?..if im not mistaken, he's studying in KBU, doing Engineering or A levels or sumthing like that..hahaah!!!
small world lah weh..haih..