Thursday, October 18, 2007

What A Buzz!!

That's right, it's just been a buzz here in TOUCH ministry. First there was Andrew & Daniel, Lim brothers who have been attending Segambut cell for the past 2 Fridays. And even though there wasn't any newcomers in first youth service after the BBQ, I was still very much encouraged by the attendance of the Rooftop BBQ - we can get 54 youth to gather in one place, why not in youth service? Last Saturday we had several newcomers in our youth & there was MUCH REJOICING!! God was faithful & He's telling us that we're still very much in His thoughts.

Right now we must continue to work on the foundation of the youth ministry in order that we'll continue to have growth & fruits from our efforts. We must not just stop & dwell upon this
little success (comparing to what God wants!!), but press forward with greater focus & intensity, knowing the victory that is ahead of us. I believe it was no coincidence that during the week where we were feeling down, God led me to share on Joshua 3, when the Israelites finally crossed over Jordan River & begun their conquest of the Promised Land - how they took 40 years to cover ground that was actually a 2 weeks' walk. It was their unpreparedness that
has caused them that.

My desire is that we would move out from that small hang at the back & into the 2nd floor hall for our youth services - it's within 10 seconds' walk of each other, but are we able to get there by year end? Together, we most certainly can.

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