Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Tribute

This is for my cell group.

Rebecca: Thank you for preparing lovely food for our gatherings. You're a good cook. Thank you for being a friend to Pauline & Ker Xin. Thank you for bringing them into our lives.

Michelle: I really enjoy your smile. You may be quiet among us, but your smile is really loud, and that's a good thing. Like to see you being excited about something.

Chi Wing: Thanks for increasing the entertainment value of our cell group. You're there to entertain the people. You bring extra laughter to the group.

Sabrina: It's great to witness your growth. Press on, God is preparing you. Thank you for bringing your friends & introducing them to us - they are a lot of fun.

Anna: Thank you for being a fun person. I enjoy being in your company. Thank you for being so generous with your smile.

Brian: Thank you for easing this burden. It's easy working with you. Thank you for your height too - many jokes have been created due to that... Haha...

You come to my house for cell meetings, but somehow I'm the one who feels welcomed. Thanks for allowing me into your life. I hope I've done some good. Thanks for laughing at my jokes.

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