Thursday, December 21, 2006

2 Saturdays Ago (Day 1, Part 2)

So after we were done doing scene 3, we proceed with the photo shoot for our poster. I don't know how it is normally done lah. I mean, when do they do the poster shoots? For us, it was just easier to take the shoots there & then, because we don't want to travel to the same place again. And of course there's the limitation of time.

I recruited my life-long friend,
Josephine Kang, to be our photographer. She'll be documenting our movie-making journey with her camera. All the pictures featured here are taken by her. She's not a professional, but I think she is doing a great job for us.

We actually had a practice round before this photo session, so we were sure of the poses & pictures we want to capture. So the process was pretty fast. Below are the raw pictures. Later they would be passed to Jason to work his magic & design the poster. Comments, anyone??

After the photo session, we proceeded to Jalan Ipoh for the second part of our movie shooting. My dad bought this house & has several plans for it, that I won't go into here. He put in a lot of effort to the house & it's really beautiful. So far everyone that has stepped into the house said so.
The pictures above weretaken in one of the rooms, which we used as Wei Ken's (played by Jason) room (posters weren't originally there). It took me a while to like the green colour wall that my dad painted. But it was really nice on camera. I wished we had more locations that had such bright colours. This is our best location yet.

Hmm. I think I'll have to post about the personnels involved in the entire movie-making process.

Day 1 Part 1.


Lemuel said...

I have some ideas...

Idea ONE:
how about we exchange the video from your church with the video from our church and play it in our respective churches? it would be interesting to learn from each other's work. let's not stop at comparing only the videos, we should also compare the flyers and everything else involved in the campaign and see how we can learn from each other. i don't see any harm with doing that.

Idea TWO:
We should definately get together and make a combined effort and attack a bigger sized project together. I am sure there would be so many ideas, i just hope that there would not be a creative implosion... hopefully the ideas will explode and a masterpiece will be produced...

how about that?

Joash said...

sounds like fun. I would love to see the video Prakash & team made. As for combining forces to work together, that will probably take a while, but it's definitely something I want to do...