Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a gist of an update

I want to pen down my thougths and everything in my heart, but at this present time my mind is bombarded with too many things. Went for Youth Pastors' School at Awana, Genting, last week. Being able to get out of work and enjoy good food, good fellowship, and good times is such a wonderful thing. I intend to give myself more holidays in the future. Throughout that time God has reaffirmed His direction for me & now my confidence is boosted. I'm not alone in this, and that's another thing I'm grateful for.
So many things are going wrong in work right now. I'm so glad & relieved that I don't have to part of this world system for long.
Mom is back from US. Thinking about my family and May as well, I cry. I cry because I know I am loved.
2 weeks of youth programmes have been interrupted & maybe it's a good thing. I have so much in my heart now & it's only right to have more time seeking God first.
Uphold me in prayer. I'll try to write again soon.

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lex said...

so to answer your long lost question. the honesty stuff is going well. honestly:) no really, it is a gift for once to live outside my comfort zone and let the spirit of God pick up where i leave off. it's cool. very cool.

your last post was a great one. seeing Jesus in the people around us. how differently would we all treat those who we brush shoulders with if we practiced this daily? what perspective. but i can't really beleive the words that you said unless some action follows. what does that action look like in your life?