Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Carry On We Shall

Following up on our previous gathering for a time of seeking, we did it again last Saturday. The number increased from 4 to 6. We prepared ourselves to seek His direction for our lives. We determined in our hearts not to put God in a box & expect Him to speak about a particular situation - ministry, relationships, work... We wanted to hear from Him. We wanted to know what's in His heart.
We started off with what we were familiar with - singing songs to Him with just the guitar and our voices. I was a bit concerned when we got rather loud. It's a good thing that the house beside mine was unoccupied. Furthermore, our singing was quite lovely - if compared to the Karaoke sessions during the Hungry Ghost festival.
Waiting upon Him wasn't an easy thing to do considering I had been through 2 long days. I was starting to wonder if I'll get Him this time when He finally spoke. He warned that we shouldn't give Him a timeline to show up. Fair enough - He is God after all. Then I saw another motion picture in my head. The scenes starts of with a front view of a tall building. It looks strong & elegent. However, the camera quickly moves to the side of the building & enters through the window to reveal the inside part of the building, which isn't as majestic as the front view implied.
Feel that God was saying that we have come to Him hiding the true condition of our hearts. In spite of that, He was determined to move into our inward parts & confront us with those things that we hoped He would not bring up. How foolish to try to hide from the very person who knows everything & still loves!! But doesn't that just show how insecure and ignorant we are about His love? God said that He was determined to hold on to us this time. Wow!!
God spoke to everyone in the room. Perhaps they should tell you what they heard. God really led us in His presence. The right songs, the right words... It was like when we entered into His House He took the lead - rightfully so, of course.
The desire of my heart now is to share this experience with my youth group & teach them to do the same in their cell groups. I believe He is raising up a generation of GodSeekers & GodChasers.


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