Monday, May 15, 2006

Do we really want it?

You can't desire revival without being willing to pay the price or be the vessel through which it comes.
Maybe we haven't experienced revival as seen in the times of Acts because we don't really want it. Sure, we pray and ask God for revival. But do we really want it?
Is it fear that holds us back? Fear of persecution, rejection, death, commitment, sacrifice (time and money)? All these are likely to happen, and it's required. But do we know what God requires of us in the first place? Jesus only asked the people to wait in the upper room, and the rest is history. Maybe we have been fearing the unknown so much, that we are afraid to ask God what He really wants from us.
Do we even know God? Have we experienced His love? Do we recognise His voice? Do we know His words?
We know revival is good. We know God is good. We know that He won't give us what we cannot bear. We know where He wants us to go, He makes the way for us.
Now we need to know the heart of God. That's the best place to start.

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vern said...

the weakness in human is that we often think too much, turn simple things into complications and try to explain like a philosopher...worrying abt every single details that we become fear of many impossibles...we look so much into these little details that we forget God said "believe in the One He sent" john6:29 and not to worry, luke12:22