Thursday, April 13, 2006

Be the better man

Was reminded of this post I wrote last August by May. I thought it was pretty well-written (self -praise = international disgrace) Thought I would bring it up again... Haha. If you're new to my blog, you can look into the archives for more of my previous posts... It's certainly refreshing for me to read my past writings...

God is looking for better men, not methods.

Sometimes, we have got to stop thinking about the hows... We want to have better answers to counter the comments and judgement on Christianity & Christians. We feel the need to explain the necessity for Sunday worship, Wednesday prayer, cell group, mission trips to weird places, and the Christian stuff that we do on a regular basis… We get uncomfortable when our friends ask us why we lay hands and pray for a toothache when all you need to do is see a dentist… We get a bit frustrated when our colleagues laugh at our attempt to explain that Jesus is God and also Son of God… We worry because our brother gives a bad testimony to other non-believers.

We respond the way we do because we forget the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of darkness. We forget that it’s not by might, power, or words that hearts get changed but only by the Spirit of the Lord. We forget that by the same we judge the world the world will judge us. We forget that Christianity is about a relationship with God, something that's better experienced than argued. We forget that action speaks much, much louder than words. We’ve been trying and trying, but really our focus is off track.

What we really need to do is get down our knees and ask the Dream-Giver to give us a vision of a CHANGED-ME. Make the bold prayer to ask the Holy Spirit to do anything necessary to turn the nations back to Christ – be it changing our attitude and heart, or to break down our pride and trust in our own strength and intelligence. Ask Jesus to give you the compassion to love without judging, the wisdom to stand without defending, and the faith to run with a God-given dream without feeling the ground on your feet, because that’s when we’re really flying

Maybe we’ve been doing too much without really knowing what to do. I suggest we get over ourselves. All we can do is pray and submit to His change. The sooner we figure that out, we sooner the real work begins…


lex said...

Wow--i couldn't have said it better! So many times our christian "recipes" are safer to cling to than a true active faith. Far less rewarding but much, much, safer . . . thanks sharing your thoughts.

Luke Chan said...

Wow, your post today is rocking man.It's not "so-well-said". It is :wow, "too well said"
Christianity is something better experienced than argued - because it is a relationship with God. So let stop arguing and start living it.

I wish you are my son. are.
Praise the Lord.

angeliCassie said...

I;'m a new Christian and i have been reading your blog and i find it very inspiring to me...thanks =)

Joash Chan said...


Welcome to my blog. Glad I could do some good through this page of mine. You're so so welcome.