Friday, November 11, 2005

Could I ever

When I woke up today, I thought of all the things I've done, and all the things He's done - showing grace time and time again. It's so hard to comprehend that kind of love, and it is this very mystery is what drives me to desire to know this Dream-giver. And maybe you too, are overcomed by it all.

And I know that this Dream-giver, or grace-giver, if you will, loved me and loves me even when I don't love Him back. He still extends, with arms open wide, that invitation to participate in His resurrected life and His coming Kingdom. But I, and maybe even you, still am incapable of extending that same grace to others. Not like how Jesus would.

Yes, I wonder if I would still struggle - to look in the eye of a unrepentive someone with love and compassion; to love and accept without pre-judgment; to meet a need before pointing out a wrong; to hate the sin and still love the sinner. Could I ever be like the One who gave such amazing grace and love? Could I ever live and walk reflecting these awesome gifts of forgiveness and salvation?

So once again, Lord, I stand in awe at the foot of the tree, knowing that You hung there bearing my sins even when my heart was lost. Change my heart, thoughts, and attitude. Help me love like You do. May my heart truly belong to You, and be Yours.


Kyo Sin said...

thanks joash for your last two entries. The only way I could describe it is: refreshing. I don't have the time to digest it all right now, but I will sure be reading those last two over and over. Thanks for blogging truth that I think I needed to hear.

Anonymous said...

Can you stop being so self-righteous?

Joash Chan said...

Dear anonymous,

Trust me. I'm trying really hard not to be self-righteous. Need a lot of help in that. I'm trying, I'm trying....

So I Go said...

a beautiful prayer Joash.. and not self-righteous in the least.

peace, brother.

curious servant said...

I wanted to stop and thank you. I appreciate your frequent visits to my blog and your prayerrs. I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

dream interpretation said...

Hi Joash Chan love your blog. I came across it while looking for dream. I know this post is not an exact match but thanks for the read. I'll get on with my search for dream stuff and will visit again sometime. Take Care

curious servant said...

Nice post.

Thanks for the link. I reciprocated.

Take care.

Blackempress said...

very nice blog indeed. THere's so little of spiritualism these days & its something that attracts me intensely.
Ur writings are deep & for a 21 yr old...Its quite a feat. Keep writing. If its in ur heart righteousness will find u too. Keep te faith:)

curious servant said...

I don't normally do this (sorry).

There is a prayer request on my blog. If you have a moment, it would mean a lot.

God bless

Feel free to delete this request for a blog visit.

curious servant said...

The doctors say that only a miracle can save Bob. He is in critical but stable condition. I am going tonight to a prayer vigil beside his bed at the hospital.

If you read this before 4:00 a.m. pray that I stay awake. If you read this after. please pick up the prayer that I have left off.

Thank you for your prayers. More info on my blog.