Monday, July 12, 2010

26th & 27th June

What a significant weekend in our lives!! TOUCH were so kind to throw us this 'Joash & May Appreciation Night' that Saturday. It was a night full of fun & laughter, which for me was the best way to say goodbye. No tears, as we were there to celebrate our friendship & God's faithfulness in our lives; no tearful goodbyes, as we will continue to love & support one another - our lives will always be knitted together.

That night, I was really proud of TOUCH. The growth I saw in some of them - it was as though a year has passed. How comforting to know that a positive change had caused them to rise up & grow. Surprises came mostly from the girls - Rabeeka can finally sing & play guitar at the same time!! Loved that malay song the girls sang, very well done. Completely amazed by how Dawn, Joanna & Shekinah were willing to sing for us - touching indeed. The guys pulled out some stops as well - who knew Ken Chung would be my favourite MC!! And what about that epic Ultraman dance? Totally digged the straight faces!!

Of course we won't forget the notes & letters that individuals have written to us. I hope that when TOUCH invites us back for youth service, we'll be able to present to you all a scrapbook as well.

Then came Sunday, where Pastor David (my uncle) officially introduced us & welcomed us into New Life Restoration Centre, Shah Alam. Conversations in the past month had left me wishing that I've come several years earlier - so that we were integrated with these good people & know the works God has done among them. Stepping into Joash Tan's shoes is a daunting task indeed. I am way less awesome than he is (I'll never get near), but good thing the health of the youth ministry will very much dependant upon the awesomeness of Jesus.

I started work since July 1st, & everyday I'm completely relying on God's grace & guidance to be a blessing to the church. Would you please keep praying for us?

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