Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the past 2 months, I've had the privilege of meeting 3 other Joashs. All of them showed amazing qualities & really likable personalities. I keep thinking about how I wish I was more like them. These other Joashs really inspire me to be a better person - a better Joash.

One of them is Joash Wee. I incidentally met him in Kuantan while on holiday. He was visiting relatives. And though we were only together for less than 5 minutes, I was sincerely drawn to him. Something about his charm & charisma, things I wish I had in reserves. Unfortunately, tragedy struck & he passed away - just mere 3 days after I've met him.

As news passed on via facebook, it turned out that some of my friends actually know this Joash personally. And I would like to say, to those whose lives have crossed paths with Joash Wee, that even in the short time I was with him, I was blessed. So I'm sure you all had great moments with him. He somehow inspired me to be better, and now even more so in his death.

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