Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dark Cloud? No Problem.

On Friday, as I was preparing for the youth service the next day, a picture dropped into my thoughts - it was a dark cloud hovering over the sky. & with that, I begin to have a clearer understanding of the things that I've been experiencing for a long while now.

You see, I've been noticing a lot of strange behaviour. There was something weird in the spiritual atmosphere, but I couldn't pin-point what it was. Somehow people around me (even myself) are making senseless decisions, acting & behaving senselessly. Often times I find myself reflecting upon incidents & situations, and later say "that doesn't make sense" - that has been my catch-phrase for the longest time.

If I begin to tell you all the happenings that have led me to such conclusion, you would probably find logical explanations for all of them - and you would be right. I could too. But something was tugging my heart, leading me to believe that there are movements beyond the logical that we can't see. The church word to use here is spiritual discernment.

I shared that picture of a dark cloud with the youths. I believe God showed me this picture, not for me to be fearful of it, but that I will cling onto faith - to use all the things provided unto us on the cross of Calvary & somehow punch a hole through that dark cloud. And so we sang, like Paul & Silas in shackles, believing that as we open our mouths & declare the praises of God & His Kingdom, He will open the heavens & stay. And when God comes, you can be sure that the earth will tremble, & dark clouds be pierced.

Either led by the Spirit or just me running out of a song to sing, I asked the youth if anyone had a song in their hearts. Justin gave a fast song - a song that declares that Jesus is good, & in His presence we have nothing to fear. I thank God for that song, for it assures me that whatever storms we're facing or dark clouds hovering over our lives, we have God as our anchor, we have Jesus in the boat with us. Amen & amen.

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