Saturday, March 21, 2009

Introducing The Cast

Justin & Benjamin are the 2 main characters of the skit. Although rather new to acting, these two have been given the great task of carrying the entire story flow. Great pressure on them but I believe they can pull it off nicely.

Sabrina, Jean, Anndrea... These 3 are considered veterans when it comes to acting. Although only involved in one fourth of the entire story, they are a crucial element.

Samuel & Anna. In my opinion, Samuel has the best role in the skit. If I were to play a part in it, I would take his character, as he's the master of wordplay & his way with words has an tremendous effect on the storyline. But Anna will be there to give him a taste of his own medicine. The skit gets interesting from here onwards.

And finally, introducing Caleb Raj, the HERO!! Even though his lines are little compared to Justin's, Ben's & Samuel's, his actions represent the main message of this skit. Having played mostly comedic roles in the past, Caleb would have to use all his media knowledge to pull this one off.

P.S - I forgot the last time I directed a play / skit. I think I've lost my touch. Must get it back!!
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Wah ,donno what to say about my picture. But i want a copy of my picture... haha