Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Joy of Youth Ministry

I was just thinking about how awesome it is to be a youth worker in a local church now. Especially now - in this time of age where youths are despised & generalized negatively (yes even in the church) - it feels awesome to be the few who understands enough to stand by them through this crazy stage of their lives. It's such a great honour, joy, privilege, and responsibility!! Too many people choose to dwell on the little things that supports their childish, unfounded prejudices. With that they miss out on amazing things that God will do in & through this generation, and for that I pity them.

To the people of TOUCH, I want you to know that I love this youth group very much!! I'm so thankful for your trust towards me, allowing me to walk with you & participate in your life journey. I've been amazed by what God has done in your lives & I'm extremely excited about what He plans to do amongst us. The world & even people in the church may despise you - let them be - the important thing is that you don't despise yourselves, because you are the apple of His eye. Don't ever forget that.


Jez said...

I know Jesus still loves me! So i can love you too! though you are Joash! *Omg*

nothing of interest here said...

*laughs* Jezreel. Still unchanged.

anyways joash, know that i'm with you in spirit, bro. Stay encouraged that the Lord has way more awesome plans for everyone at Touch.