Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On Songleading....

Have you heard the phrase 'If you've never been there before, how can you lead people there?'? Well lately God (or maybe it was just me) dropped a thought in my head about that - "Why not just lead them to Jesus?"

By assuming that only the songleader can lead the congregation into a certain familiar 'place' of God's presence, we are in danger of missing out on the Spirit's leading. Perhaps in that corporate time of worship, Jesus wants to take the church to a 'place' that no one - no songleader, no pastor, no prophet, no intercessor - has ever been before. Wouldn't that be so much more awesome?

If I do ever song lead in church again, I'll assume the awesome, significant, totally cool role of AN USHER, leading the congregation towards The Son. I'm sure He's the best tour guide into The Father's House......

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nothing of interest here said...

awesome epiphany!

Keep running, you!

I know i'm proud to be called your friend!