Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Things

Almost half a year has passed, & looking back I can see God's hand bringing forth new things in TOUCH. It has to be God, because I can't pin-point a single factor, an incident, or an individual that created all these amazing things for us to experience. We had our Brothers' & Sisters' Day that has created a greater bond, respect, appreciation, & sense of belonging among us. Then for Teachers' Day we connected (1 way or another) with the teachers of SMK Raja Ali. Fathers' Day was Now we're only a week away from another huge landmark - TOUCH's first ever Parents' Appreciation Day.

It's more than the events, really. It's the process of creativity & individuality brought together to make ONE THING happen - there were the cooks, the poets, the songs, the artists... Few years ago there were 2 people (in the same night) who told me that TOUCH will produce an album - as in self-written & produced songs, recorded into a cassett (it was so long ago that CDs weren't common yet!!). At that time I was very skeptical. We had good musicians, singers with good voices - but together we were never convincing. We did a concert or 2, which we thought we did pretty well until we watched the tape recording (VCR!!). Let's just say we've never organized a concert ever since... But our very own Soo Brothers (Ben & Daniel) have written 2 songs thus far & they're really really good. They turned me into a believer - we just might produce an album.

This song-writing duo is but 1 example of the many possibilities for God-glorifying & people-touching that this amazing Dream-Giver is showing us - and I believe He'll continue to open our eyes to the things that He has deposited in our lives. Our part is to be open, available, & really listen closely.

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