Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mountain Hiking

Mountain hiking is an interesting experience. My dad was the one who took me up there for the first time, & it was not a pleasant trip. First, we climbed up to a hilltop where a pylon was situated. And just when I thought we have reached our destination, my dad pointed to the next pylon & it sure looked like a much difficult hike. I almost puked & thankfully I lived to tell the tale.

The 2nd time I hiked up this route was with my 2 tuition students & their younger brother. It was much more easier for me that time, but the kids always looked like they were never going to make it half way. The eldest was constantly expressing his intention to give up, & I could totally relate to him. But I know the hike was achievable & I so desperately want them to experience the victory I felt. These boys had so much gone wrong in their lives, they badly needed a win here.

Now, I'm so proud to say that Clyde & Keith overcame the mountain & they can't wait to go up there again. I believe the key to their success was making small goals & taking it 1 step at a time. & I think it's good advice when making our new year resolutions - small goals, step by

Below are pictures taken when I took my cell group (& 2 proteges) up that mountain on the last morning of 2007.

Happy New Year

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