Friday, August 12, 2005

Hold my hands

I was in Genting Highlands for the past four days to participate in the Youth Pastors’ School organized by Youth Alive Malaysia. Awana Resort has really great food, and so I’m not too convinced that me skipping lunch hid the effects of my indulgence… So if you’re organizing a camp and you want the campers to wake up early, make sure you serve great breakfast =.]

Met the great people who are running with the God-given dream of touching Malaysian youth with the love of Jesus. I felt relaxed because it was my first decent holiday since I started work 5 months ago and the air was really fresh. I felt light because I was away from all duties and responsibilities of being me. As we gather, I felt significant yet ordinary, because we are all young people facing the same challenges as the youth we try to help everyday. I guess what makes us different is that someone saw the potential in us and was unwilling to give up on us. And it’s in our hearts to the same for someone else. I felt belonged.

In my conversations with this Dream-Giver of mine and interactions with other dream-runners, I was once again reminded of the significance of fulfilling my God-given dream. The reminder sends shivers, and I’m still feeling it. I knew the importance, but what I lacked was the fear of God. And still now the reminder is sinking in… What a tremendous responsibility to carry the souls of many in our hands!! What a task and honour to bring live-changing, captive-freeing truth to the masses!!

I don’t know how to emphasize what I’m feeling inside of me. All I can say is that we are given the power to impact and alter the destiny of many souls, with the deciding factor being the way we live our lives….

So hold my hands, Lord. Walk with me in this journey of fulfilling my God-given dream and answering the call. I can’t do it alone, so open my eyes to see the people You have ordained to run alongside me. I can’t do it without You, so cast me not away from Your presence. I can’t do it without the fear of God, so send shivers and awaken my soul.


Anonymous said...

And we also ask for much grace Father to walk this walk of faith in You. Help us as we desire to walk in the shadow of the cross. Knowing that we have to count our lives worthless because we have died to the cross that sets us free. And Father we ask that we will not crave for authority nor power nor position but instead always be humble and teachable before You and men. So kill our ego and pride that You dispise but instead let us always fix our eyes on You. That we will not look at ourselves just as Peter starts to drown, we pray and acknowledge that it's all about You. Let us not look at ourselves coz we are unrighteous and inadequate but let us keep our eyes on You as You're holy, righteous and worthy and through You and by abiding in You, we can do all things because we are declared righteous, holy to carry Your presence and glory to all men. Let us always be careful to observe Your word as it is the best guide and instructor and advisor that will never fail as we help others. And Father, we ask for wisdom. And we know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But we ask for more wisdom and grace as we assist others to see and look at/to You not to us. Amen.

So I Go said...

this is a beautiful prayer Joash.. your enthusiasm is contagious!

Anonymous said...

You think so? Hmmm... Going through some stuff that made me say that prayer. Just hope that Mr. Joash would be blessed and encouraged and know that he's not alone.